Langboard MDF



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Our diverse line of products are ideally suited for laminating, painting, moulding, shaping and wrapping. Its uniform density, from board to board and surface to core, maximize performance and productivity while reducing rejects, and tool wear.


Industrial Grade MDF

Langboard MDF is an engineered, wood-based panel. We use 100% Southern Yellow Pine which gives a light-colored MDF that works well in all applications. The chips and shavings are washed, classified, and refined with three high-energy Sunds Defiberator Refiners.

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Door Grade MDF

Langboard Door Grade MDF is designed specifically for painted and bladder pressed doors for the cabinet door industry. Our quality standards ensure better machineability with no raised fibers. This is achieved by a more uniform density throughout the board with a flatter profile.

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Moulding Grade MDF

Langboard Lite Moulding Grade is lighter in density with a good, consistent core. This enables a good, smooth surface after machining. The manufacturing process ensures good machineability with no raised fibers, which performs well in priming and painting applications.

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Packaging & Transportation

Langboard transports product by truck and by rail. Contact Langboard Sales Department by phone or email us at for freight and rail rate information.

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